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The Perfect Blend of Skill and Understanding - Our August Hero!

Renfroe Outdoor, in conjunction with the Savannah Police Department, is proud to announce our newest honoree in the Savannah Heroes program! Each month, we will highlight a member of the local police force on our extensive digital billboard network for their outstanding work in serving and improving our communities.


This month we are proud to spotlight Officer Kenneth Quint!


From the Savannah Police Department:

Officer Kenneth Quint is an Orlando, Florida native who joined the Savannah Police Department in December 2020. He came to Savannah because he wanted to remain in a coastal region where he could police in a city that has rich history and good weather, similar to his hometown. Quint is the Beat 33 officer for Central Precinct, which encompasses multiple neighborhoods where Quint consistently exits his patrol vehicle and walks the neighborhoods by foot, engaging with residents, listening to their concerns, and strategizing with them to come up with effective solutions. Quint is known to contact complainants by phone, gathering additional information to ensure that other responding units are aware of what and whom to look out for.

Within the last few months, Quint responded to a trespassing call, in which the caller reported that someone was tampering with her doors and windows. Quint quickly arrived on scene and located the suspect in the backyard of the residence after trying to force open the rear door. The suspect fled. Quint ran after him and eventually arrested him. The suspect was discovered to already be on felony probation from Atlanta for burglary. More recently in the past month, Quint observed another suspect as he was actively in the process of prowling around a property that he had just attempted to burglarize. Quint immediately made contact with the man and later determined that he was responsible for multiple residential burglaries within Beat 33.

In addition to what is listed above, Quint speaks Spanish and is constantly responding to request for Spanish-speaking officers to assist our Hispanic and Latino residents. He has utilized his Crisis Intervention skills to de-escalate tense situations and is one of the newest members of the department's Crisis/Hostage Negotiations Team.


About the initiative:

Renfroe Outdoor is proud to partner with the Savannah Police Department in an initiative to honor our local heroes. Each month, this program will highlight an outstanding officer in our community chosen by the Savannah PD and recognize them across town with our digital billboard network.

It is of the opinion of the management of Renfroe Outdoor that most media outlets are too eager to cover the wrong stories relating to the police. While all public officials should be held accountable for their actions, there are far more positives that can be said about the local police than the negative. With this program, Renfroe Outdoor hopes to help foster a growing positive relationship between our citizens and the men and women who put themselves in danger to protect them each day.

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GA0121-R (I-526 near DeRenne Avenue)


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