Renfroe Outdoor Advertising has over 40 years of experience in the out of home (“OOH”) advertising industry, owning and operating advertising structures since 1978. Renfroe currently owns and operates over 500 out-of-home advertising faces – covering the coastal regions of Georgia and South Carolina. Our inventory influences urban areas and extremely well-traveled routes like I-26 and I-16 with potential to reach millions of customers.

As technology changes, Renfroe evolves as well. With customers spending an average of nearly 6.5 hours online each day, businesses can no longer ignore the power of this advertising platform. Through our new online advertising solutions, our clients can target their audience where they spend a majority of their time each day: in their cars with billboards and now on the internet. Renfroe is able come alongside our clients with comprehensive media plans through the combination of out of home and targeted online display advertising campaigns.


At Renfroe, our mission is to provide our customers with dynamic, cutting-edge technology in advertising media through excellence in client relations and product quality. 



Jed Renfroe
Managing Partner
Ben Jones
Managing Partner
Christa Renfroe Hurley
Managing Partner
Jennifer Maddox
Office Manager
Bob Klausmeier
VP of Sales
Andy Stabell
VP of Creative Services
Eric Latimer
VP of Online Advertising
Andrew Milligan
Territory Manager
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