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How do Americans spend most of their time each day?

Why Billboards?

Tangible advertising that works!


Billboards are able to cut through the clutter of the daily lives of your customers to create lasting awareness. With a variety of locations, sizes, and board types, Renfroe is able to place your message in front of the masses for constant, uninterrupted exposure.

​With billboards, you...

  • can't tune them out

  • can't throw them away 

  • can't turn them off

Let us help you find a high-impact board that speaks directly to your intended audience 24/7!


Insights powered by:

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Beyond the Boards

Targeted Online Advertising Solutions

Adults in the United States spend over 5 hours on an internet connected device per day!

Are you talking to them during this time?

On Average - Source: Nielsen

Renfroe is proud to provide cutting-edge, targeted, online advertising for any business size. Using our deep data insights, we can track user attributes such as:


  • online behavior

  • specific web page content viewed

  • search terms

  • physical location

  • ...the list goes on!


This powerful data allows us to garner a precise picture of the potential customer on the other side of the screen. 

By expertly utilizing these insights, we set up targeted, cost-effective online campaigns for your business directed at your most valuable potential clients!


Contact us to get started!

The Perfect Combination

Billboards and Targeted Online Advertising Together

What the experts say:

It’s important to remember that traditional and digital marketing aren’t meant to oppose, but to complement each other. And, every marketer who understands this will manage to utilize the strengths of both these methods.


The combination of traditional media and online, digital media pack a powerful punch by generating top-of-mind awareness and driving trackable lift for your business.

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