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Generations of Dedicated Service - Our July Hero!

Renfroe Outdoor, in conjunction with the Savannah Police Department, is proud to announce our newest honoree in the Savannah Heroes program! Each month, we will highlight a member of the local police force on our extensive digital billboard network for their outstanding work in serving and improving our communities.


This month we are proud to spotlight Corporal Howard Crosby!


From the Savannah Police Department:

Cpl. Howard Crosby is a second-generation police officer at SPD and currently serves in the Eastside Precinct. Earlier this month, he was officially promoted to the rank of corporal. He has served the citizens of Savannah as a police officer since he joined the department in 2018. But it’s his overall work in the Eastside Precinct that resulted in his being selected as the Officer of the Month. Cpl. Crosby has worked diligently in areas that were determined to have a high need for traffic control in order to assist in reducing issues and concerns that were resulting in that area. During his time addressing this issue, he issued 80 traffic citations, which included five felony arrests and resulted in the recovery of drugs and guns. His supervisors said he comes to work every day with a good attitude and has a “lead by example” type of attitude.


About the initiative:

Renfroe Outdoor is proud to partner with the Savannah Police Department in an initiative to honor our local heroes. Each month, this program will highlight an outstanding officer in our community chosen by the Savannah PD and recognize them across town with our digital billboard network.

It is of the opinion of the management of Renfroe Outdoor that most media outlets are too eager to cover the wrong stories relating to the police. While all public officials should be held accountable for their actions, there are far more positives that can be said about the local police than the negative. With this program, Renfroe Outdoor hopes to help foster a growing positive relationship between our citizens and the men and women who put themselves in danger to protect them each day.

Vertical Digital Billboard
GA0112-L (Presidents Street / Islands Expressway - East Bound)



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