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An Extra Dose of Love and Care - Our Savannah Hero for May!

Renfroe Outdoor, in conjunction with the Savannah Police Department, is proud to announce our newest honoree in the Savannah Heroes program! Each month, we will highlight a member of the local police force on our extensive digital billboard network for their outstanding work in serving and improving our communities.


This month we are proud to spotlight Cpl. Janessa Stalter!


From the Savannah Police Department:

Cpl. Janessa Stalter has been with Savannah Police Department since May 1994 and is currently assigned to the Tourism Oriented Policing Unit in the Northwest Precinct.

Those who live and work in the downtown area are likely already familiar with Cpl. Stalter. She zips through the area in an assortment of vehicles – from her patrol car, to a bicycle, Segway and even on foot. She has established an impactful relationship with downtown associations, staying in constant communication about their needs and concerns. She keeps her bag packed with SPD items to share with children she encounters and is always available to help tourists when they have questions. But that is just the tip of the work Cpl. Stalter does in the downtown area.

She is the department’s unofficial expert on the homeless population of Savannah. Almost all of Savannah’s homeless residents know her as “Matilda.” They respect her, ask for her specifically and sincerely listen to her. She provides them with food, socks and other necessities. Last winter, Cpl. Stalter initiated a blanket drive to assist with providing blankets for homeless residents who needed help staying warm. During the cold months, she kept a steady supply in her trunk to hand out. She always treats them with respect and dignity, a model example of community-oriented policing.

Cpl. Stalter never fails to help her watch if they are short staffed or the calls for service are backing up. She frequently offers to come during her time off to ride a beat, if needed. Her supervisors described her a an “exceptional training officers, training too many officers to count over the years.” She leads by example, is patient and shares her knowledge with other officers. She represents SPD with morals, ethics and values.


About the initiative:

Renfroe Outdoor is proud to partner with the Savannah Police Department in an initiative to honor our local heroes. Each month, this program will highlight an outstanding officer in our community chosen by the Savannah PD and recognize them across town with our digital billboard network.

It is of the opinion of the management of Renfroe Outdoor that most media outlets are too eager to cover the wrong stories relating to the police. While all public officials should be held accountable for their actions, there are far more positives that can be said about the local police than the negative. With this program, Renfroe Outdoor hopes to help foster a growing positive relationship between our citizens and the men and women who put themselves in danger to protect them each day.

Vertical Digital Billboard
GIO-16 (Islands Expressway)



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