Renfroe Outdoor Advertising has over 30 years experience in the out of home (“OOH”) advertising industry, owning and operating advertising structures in middle Georgia since 1978. Renfroe currently owns & operates over 400 Out of Home advertising faces – Covering South Atlanta, Henry County, Middle Georgia, Coastal Georgia, and now Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Our inventory covers urban areas and extremely well traveled routes like I-75 and I-16 – with potential to reach millions of customers. At Renfroe Outdoor, our mission is to provide our customers with dynamic, cutting edge technology in outdoor media through excellence in client relations and product quality.  

Take Your Message Further with Renfroe Outdoor Advertising

Out of home advertising (“OOH”) is one of the oldest media in existence, dating back to circus posters and horse-drawn streetcar advertising in the mid-1800’s. Since those early days, OOH has had a remarkable run, because OOH has constantly evolved to adapt to new markets, new formats, new technology, and new opportunities.

Today’s OOH may not be what you think it is. Over the past five years, OOH has been putting innovation to work in all parts of its business, to help advertisers take their message further. Today’s OOH is a dynamic mix that surround and immerse consumers during the 70% of the day they spend away from home. Give us a call to find out how we can help you take your message further today.

Out of home is interactive, connected, experiential, and strategic. When integrated with today’s digital, social, and mobile advertising, OOH helps advertisers take their message further.